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All watershed councils in Oregon are eligible (and encouraged) to become members of the Network and make annual contributions in the form of membership dues to enable our ability to serve councils.   If your council is not a current member, please consider it!  

How does it work?  Annual memberships now cover a fiscal year (July through June).  Dues are paid in July each year and the amount is based on your organization’s annual operating budget. To become a member or pay your annual dues, you can send a check or pay on line.

Here is a printable brochure that describes member benefits you can share with your council boards.

Pay By Check: Print and mail the membership application form, along with your check payable to the Network of Oregon Watershed Councils, to PO BOX 13032, Salem, OR 97309.

Pay Online: Complete the membership application form and e-mail to operations@oregonwatersheds.org. Then, use the form below to submit payment through Paypal.

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Questions? Please call 503-362-1246, or send a message to operations@oregonwatersheds.org.

If you’d like to make a donation in addition to your membership dues, please visit the Donation Page.