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2014 Conference Presentation Archive

Archived presentation materials from the 2014 conference (PDF)

Find below archived presentation materials from the 2014 Conference, organized by presenter last name.  All files are in PDF format.  View the final program for presentation titles and abstracts.  Not all conference materials were made available for online posting.

Amoroso, John (Organizational Finances)

Bond, Julia (Ecosystem Services)

Burns, Paul; Pedersen, Tyler; Vollmer-Buhl, Liz (Project Management)

Cook, Louise (Child Protection)

Dyrdahl, Sarah (Ecosystem Services)

Fern, Jacqueline; Harvey, Julie (DEQ Drinking Water Protection Program)

Harrington, Bob (La Piana - Strategic Partnerships)

Huntsinger, Teresa (Low Impact Development)

Maness, Nicole (Ecosystem Services)

Nadeau, Tracie-Lynn; Sheahan, Joseph; Fullen, Karen; Christensen, Sara; Hartman, Heidi (Small & Large Project Permitting)

Omey, Lynn (Risk Management)

Rosa, Jerome (Habitat Monitoring)

Running, Mike (COLT - Easements)

Sanders, Garry; Riley, Eric (Contracting for Councils)

Sifford, Alex (Government Relations 101)

Sohl, Kay (OMB Super Circular)

Unruh, Loren (NRCS - ACEP)

Unruh, Loren (NRCS - Easements)

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