Member Resources

NOWC Member Watershed Councils benefit from the following services and resources:

  1. Representation and advocacy with Oregon state agencies, and with local/county/state legislators. These efforts are accomplished mainly through the Government Relations Committee (GRC) and are strengthened by coordinating with our partner organizations OACD and COLT, which represent state-wide for conservation districts and land trusts;    
  2. Legislative tracking and reporting, opportunities to provide input. The GRC tracks relevant federal and Oregon state legislative bills and communicates with member councils as they progress. The GRC coordinates formal verbal and written testimony on behalf of watershed councils state-wide, as the committee deems necessary; 
  3. Watershed Councils can contact their Board and Committee representatives anytime with questions/concerns/ideas, and we regularly discuss developments in quarterly regional conference calls;
  4. News, updates and analysis about events, workshops, policy changes, new opportunities — through our public-facing listserv, and our member-facing email distribution list for Watershed Council coordinators/directors;
  5. The ability to gather networked information and advice through the Watershed Google Group forum;
  6. Regular training webinars, offered with the Oregon Conservation Partnership. Each webinar is recorded, archived, and available;
  7. The ability to post jobs on the Oregon Conservation Partnership website; 
  8. NOWC Management Camp and the CONNECT conference
  9. Access to the member-facing NOWC document template library, which includes examples of strategic plans, MOUs, Board resources, HR/contracting policies, etc.
  10. Free survey capabilities through the NOWC Survey Monkey subscription; 
  11. Discounts of 10-60% on clothing and equipment through ExpertVoice