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Columbia River Estuary Study Taskforce

The Columbia River Estuary Study Taskforce  is a community organization specializing in environmental planning and habitat restoration for fish and wildlife.  CREST offers expertise in habitat restoration project design, funding, management, implementation and monitoring with the goal of improving and enhancing the natural resources that are essential to the vitality and resilience of the neighboring communities along the Columbia River Estuary.

Executive Director, Denise Lofman: “NOWC fills an essential role by increasing watershed council capacity, bringing resources and coordination to these important community organizations throughout Oregon.  CREST is delighted to support NOWC in its efforts to help us all be better watershed stewards.”

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Affiliate Memberships make a great impact, benefiting local communities, conservation projects, and ecological habitats in every corner of our state.  Affiliate members contribute to NOWC’s organizational capacity, the staff time it takes to coordinate people and develop resources. NOWC can effectively support watershed councils, but only to the extent that we’re operating at full capacity ourselves.

What type of activities does your Affiliate Membership support?

  • Management Camp – an in-person, professional development training for watershed councils.
  • Remote training and networking events that feature technical topics and content experts, these are recorded and added to our resource library!
  • Administrative resources that follow best practices – councils can efficiently tap in and preserve their administrative capacity – find help for all the little tasks to keep the water flowing.
  • A unified voice with state agencies and elected officials – working together to show up and advocate for healthy watersheds.